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  • Jenny Runkel

Do It Now.

Paul McCartney is one of several people who just inspire the hell out of me. He is not only musically brilliant, but he's so freaking positive, energetic, playful, and warm. He's basically the musical equivalent of Mr. Rogers but with a British accent and an epic list of accomplishments. Both his speaking and his singing voice are perfect encapsulations of who is he: the Grand-dude of them all (which is actually what his grandkids call him...I rest my case).

Hal and I have had the great fortune to see him in concert twice in the last few years and if you ever get the chance, sell the farm and the kids if you have to in order to go. Three solid hours of pure joy.

Today's thought is brought to you by our Grand-dude and it is this:

Do it Now.

This was a catch phrase of his father's that he has not only lived by but also turned into a beautiful song so that we can hear him say it to us. It is on my "For when I need courage" playlist and it is the song that propelled me to quit my very steady job as a teacher in order to leap out into the great unknown.

The phrase, "Do it now" when I see it in print and when I say it to myself comes across as a little jarring, demanding, and shaming. I don't know about you, but if I'm not intentional, my own voice I hear when I speak to myself can be like this quite often. But I get by with a little help from my friend Paul (sorry, you knew it was coming). When Paul sings it to me, it's nothing but love and encouragement.

I present it to you here and I promise that if you live it out, even a portion of the times you need to, your life will absolutely change for the better.

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