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There's nothing like the love of a good dog and finding the right way to express that for folks is one of the most rewarding thing I do. Here are a few samples of my work and some details about the process I use to create one of a kind art of your one of a kind friend.

Current turnaround time is 10-12 weeks.

The Process

My aim is to get to know your dog and to find a way to bring his or her personality to light to live on the canvas forever. That begins with you. Together, we'll work from photos and an interview to get the right vibe for your furry friend.


The Vision

First, we work to find the right size canvas and orientation for your space. 

The Colors

Next, we work to select a color palette that will work with your home decor and your doggo's personality. I'll create a digital color board for your approval and will send updates as the portrait progresses.


The Photos

I work from reference photos you provide. The better the reference photo, the better the end result. Here's a guide to taking great pet photos that will help us find the just the right combination of personality and expression for your dog's portrait.


Pro Tip: use portrait mode on your iphone, adjust the f-stop to as close to 2.0 as you can, and get down on their level.

Mockup and Progress Pics

Next, I'll create digital mockups to get a feel for colors, expression, and values, along with the background composition. Once you give me the green light, I start on your doggo! I send progress pics along the way and before long you have a forever piece for your home!


Interested in a Custom Painting?


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