I created this ebook after working with thousands of students on their college essays. It's a quick guide to 5 important and often unknown truths that students should know BEFORE writing their college essays. I hope you find it helpful!

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Hi. I'm Jenny Runkel, and this is Bentley, the Writing Wondernugget.


Together, our goal is to bring ease, purpose, and clarity to your college essay writing process. 

I've been around both high school students and writing my whole adult life. I've written professionally as the director of content for The ScreamFree Institute, publishing thousands of articles, editing two full length books, and co-writing a third. I also spent 20 years teaching English in the high school classroom, where I helped thousands of students navigate their college application essays.

No other task in the college application process strikes as much fear, trepidation, and procrastination as the personal essay. But writing the personal essay can actually be a fun, insightful, meaningful activity that not only increases your chances of getting in to that dream school but also increases your confidence about who you are and what you really want along the way.

Lots of great resources already exist to help. But I've found that a personalized experience is the best way to craft a personal essay. In just a few, painless, (dare I claim enjoyable?) sessions, I can help you:

  • learn more about yourself, your gifts, your values, and your true desires

  • demystify and defang the personal essay process 

  • create an essay that is 100% yours, while also  

  • helping you develop the communication skills you can take with you for the rest of your days.

Happy Hiking


"Tell your own story and you will be interesting" - Louise Bourgeois

You already have everything you need to tell your story. Many students fear that because they don't have a very exciting resume, they don't have anything interesting to write about. That's simply not true.

Authenticity is the special sauce and the writer's TRUTH is the only thing worth writing about. The difficulty lies in seeing the truth in one's own life and then expressing that in an authentic way. It's simple, but it's not easy. 

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Beautifully authentic college essays are easily within your reach with just a little guidance.



Need to write a personal statement for college or grad school but aren't sure where to start? Have something important to say in your industry but need some clarity?


Ready to find out what story is holding you back and what story you really want to tell?


Need help articulating your message? Finding your writing or speaking voice? Filling in the gaps of a presentation with vibrant and powerful illustrations?

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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

Benjamin Franklin

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