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Reviews and Testimonials

Here's what some former students, parents, and colleagues have to say about our time together. If you aren't excited to leave a similar review, I didn't do my job and I'll happily refund your investment.

“What you do is a real life saver, especially coming from abroad with no familiarity with the US system!

I feel that the call with you was already a real breakthrough in that your ideas have opened up a completely new cosmos – and with your guidance, I now feel we can competently navigate that foggy ocean!!”

– Katinka 

"I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me on my essay. I have never enjoyed writing, but after working with you, I can honestly say that has changed. I continue to share the idea of 'I AM' statements with friends. Regardless of whether or not I get into Georgetown, I will cherish the time spent with you."

- Parker, who did get into Georgetown

"Jenny's guidance is timely, well thought out and extraordinarily helpful. She doesn't believe there is one 'correct' way to write, but rather that there is room for each writers' individuality within the bounds of good writing principles. College essays are a challenge, as you are communicating what you intimately know about yourself to complete strangers. Working with Jenny helped turn that challenge into an attainable process of creativity."

- Mary Emma, current Georgia Tech student

“Jenny understands writing and is a talented writer herself.  As a former AP English teacher, she recognizes how to help students polish and add structure without losing their 'own voice' in the final product.  She is very talented interpersonally with young men and women and has great insight into how they might best express their thoughts and experiences.  Writing is intensely personal and individual for each student, and Jenny has great skill in helping students organize and present their thoughts creatively. She really can help anyone develop their writing skills, which would lead to better essays for school work, college applications, and future collegiate work.”

- B. college counselor

“Countless students have credited Jenny with their college writing success, and countless students have credited her with helping to getting them a college admit in the first place. Jenny’s natural gifts of writing and editing have given her such an aptitude for editing college essays that she has hosted enrichment and development classes on the topic for our entire school.  She’s simply outstanding.”

– Brad Denton, Ph.D, former colleague and current college English professor

"Parker and Jenny worked together for about 4 weeks on his 3 page personal statement.  The Result… amazing essay and acceptance to Georgetown University Grad School!  What meant the most to me was Parker said Jenny really taught him how to think about a question in a different way than he ever would have before and taught him how to write an incredible essay.  Jenny helps with the immediate needs but also teaches life long writing skills.  Thank-you Jenny Runkel!!"

-Ann S.

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