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Whale of an Imagination

Whale of an Imagination

This gal was my very first piece of digital art I made. I've always loved whales and the way that they so gracefully move their massive bodies through the depths. There's something so knowing in their way.


I think our own creativity is very similar. We have depths to ourselves that we barely understand, but once we start to notice the little desires and excitements we have bubbling just under the surface, we can tap into mammoth potential.


What we surround ourselves with matters greatly. For the most part, we get to choose what sights we see every day and I have found such inspiration in the combination of illustration and words which inspire me to be more open and imaginative.


I love the digital medium because truly, anything is possible. It also allows me to share my art with lots of people, not just those with big fat wallets. This digital download will come with an instruction sheet to help you get the best print possible and it is my sincere hope that you believe more and more in the power of your own creativity each time you see this print hanging in your home, office, or communal space.




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