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A quickly edited, error-free essay would be a less costly process. But those kinds of essays often set students apart for all the wrong reasons. This process guarantees an authentic, engaging essay, written in the student's unique voice.


In just four short sessions, I help students ask and answer deep life-changing questions, learn how to powerfully represent themselves, and discover the secrets of the pros when it comes to writing - all of which extend far beyond the actual essay. When a student is finished working with me, they feel more competent and confident in any writing they have to do in the future.

My help is tailored to your unique strengths and needs, saving you time and reducing the stress of the application process. My work is 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality or level of instruction or attention, I will be happy to refund your money.


Rates and Pricing

  • Essay Bootcamp

    Small Group Format (5 students max)
    • 1 Individual Session
    • 5 Group Sessions
    • Each session covers one major aspect of the essay process
    • Workshop format
    • Personalized feedback on all drafts
    • Final review and proofreading polish
  • Personal Essay

    Statement of purpose or common app essay (650-750 words)
    • Individual sessions covering:
    • Brainstorming/Freewriting process
    • Drafting process
    • Revision for craft, purpose, audience, and tone
    • Asynchronous proofreading and final polish
    • Completed Essay
    • *Number of sessions varies according to student needs
  • Essay + Supplemental

    For larger application needs
    • Entire Personal Statement Package PLUS
    • Up to three supplemental essays of the student's choosing
  • Brainstorming

    Perfect for students who just need a fresh perspective
    • Per hour charge
    • Divergent thinking session
    • Tailored to student and the prompt in question
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