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How long does it usually take?

Typically, the student can knock out their essay in 4 weekly sessions with me. I use Zoom and will send a recording of each session afterwards for reference. In between sessions, I'll give short, specific tasks for the student to complete, breaking down the process into a quick and painless process. 

Do you write the essay?

Absolutely not. I am a teacher at heart. What thrills me is to see students learning about themselves through their own writing. Besides, colleges can see right through phony, packaged, adult-erated essays. 

Does the essay really matter?

It depends. Several schools don't even require them! In other cases, the student has strong enough numbers that the essay is really just a formality. But if you are applying to a competitive school or your numbers don't automagically put you in the top 1% of the application class, your essay could play a big role in the decision process.


I happen to think that the personal statement is worth investing in even if no one but you sees it. How often do you get a chance to really articulate, with the objective help of an expert, what makes you tick, what your hopes and dreams are, what you want to achieve in life?  

What does this cost?

Please visit the plans and pricing page for details.

Why don't you charge per hour?

My process is designed to maximize our time together so the student isn't spending hours and hours on this one part of the application and can instead focus on the things that they truly enjoy doing. Unlike a science or math tutor imparting knowledge and providing assistance on skills, we're working on a finished product. The four sessions we spend together will be the basis for our work, but much that we do will be asynchronous - via Google Docs, text, and email support. 

I keep my client base small so that I can provide individualized attention to the families I serve. My business depends on word of mouth recommendations and I'm highly invested in the process being meaningful, helpful, and enjoyable. I do not believe in leaving families unsatisfied or holding a larger bill than anticipated because their student's particular essay needed more time than another.

Why do you feature your dog on the website?

If you have to ask this question, we probably shouldn't work together. But perhaps you've never known the pure joy of a Wondernugget. Bentley attends most of my sessions and provides excellent feedback. Her instincts are spot on and when writer's block rears its ugly head, she always knows what to do.

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