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Helping kids learn how to find their stories before they get to application season helps them in so many ways. They learn what matters to them and what doesn't. What they really want and what they don't. And perhaps most importantly, they learn how to take ownership of the entire process.


As a 12th grade teacher for almost 20 years, I loved working with Seniors to help them tell their stories. It, often times, was the best thing about my job as an English teacher.


I also loved working with their parents to LET them tell their stories. I usually found they were ready to let go, they just needed a little permission.

Your job as a counselor is a many headed beast. Often testing, class schedules, mental health assessments, teacher support, all vie for attention on top of the college application guidance you're tasked with giving.  

I would love to talk about how I might support you as you prepare your students for college application season. 

Submit this form and I'll be in touch shortly to see how I can help.

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